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Kasih - News & Events

Kasih Factories Group is celebrating the 90 anniversary

Celebrating the NINETIETH anniversary of its founding, Kasih Factories for Foodstuff launched a series of celebrations by revealing the Company’s new logo! Kickstarting the introduction of the our largest advertisement campaign to date, titled KASIH a taste second to NONE الكسيح طعم لا يعلى عليه
On this occasion, Mr. Essam Kassih, the general Manager of Kasih Factories Group said, “Our company is a leader in the food industry; and has been know to the Jordanian People since 1926 for providing high quality products, most notably our Halawa and Tahini, among others. Our company has always been an innovator in this industry and with the debut of our new Logo we aim to meet the modern requirements and tastes of audiences from all ages and categories. The aesthetic appease and expressive taste of our logo is meant to give us the global outreach our
Company truly deserves”.


Kasih Joined Jordan Food Exhibition

Tommorow will be the first day for Jordan Food Exhibition . Kasih will be there waiting you to join us from 4PM till 11PM Daily until Saturday june 13. its our pleasure to see you there . http://www.jordanfood.net

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